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Are you Intelligent?

Intelligence Vs Intuition

You cannot understand Hinduism through your Intellect! It has to be Understood with Bak thee or Devotion. Your Intellect is used to accomplish your daily designated tasks, nothing more. Sanathana Dharma, known today as Hinduism, on the other hand, is living one's life according to the divine law of Nature or God or whatever name you wish to give it, which is outside the realm of intelligence and bodily senses.

How can we know the difference between intelligence and Intuition? A familiar doubt, the answer is straightforward.

Observe that anything created with intelligence will stale and wither over time.

In contrast, if you look at the works of Intuition, it never stales over time; it stands ageless. Let us make it more clear with some examples. Take music, for instance; the piece that stands the test of time is created with intuitive Devotion, music from the East or West doesn't matter. Observe all products made with intelligence, your software, appliances, utilities etc. It gets outdated every year or less. That includes Universities whose studies are based on intelligence.

If universities impart education, giving Intelligence undue importance, why are students still in despair, agitating, and many become anti-social? Is society deeply divided because of this?

The roots of this malady can be traced to the selfishness of countries that want to rule the world by controlling education and all media houses feeding you lies as the truth. But the reality is that somewhere within you, you feel a vacuum, an emptiness, and wonder why; you cannot explain this phenomenon.

That is your Intuition yearning to be free, pushing you forward to find the truth.

Up to now, your education was mere memorisation and parroting the beliefs of so-called intellectuals, pseudo-intellectuals, to be precise. Every month or week, such knowledge received needs to be updated, or your gathered so-called knowledge becomes useless garbage and stale. On the other hand, Intuition which operates outside the realm of any Intelligence stays fresh and unaffected by time. Always applicable on demand.

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