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Q: What will I learn differently from other learning platforms?

1) You will first understand the purpose of your life. Second, we will guide you to finding the source of eternal happiness within yourself.

Others may verbally say all is within and don't think beyond that point. That's where we come to help you understand what that within is and how to see it.

Q: How was this University founded? Strange events in Providence founded this University. The true story that happened and is happening now.

Q: The Principles Made Known By Providence To Us To Uphold

1) We are here to teach and never Preach.

​2) We never put down another faith or ridicule their customs.

3) We do not convert or claim superiority over other religions.

4) We never encourage you to leave your faith. We emphasise,

   ” Be where you are, as you are, how you are”.

    Keep doing your daily tasks as destined.

5) We never put down another faith or ridicule their customs.

6) We never instil fear of Hell or promise Paradise to leave your religion.

7) Never teach violence in any form. Our lessons are 100% safe for children.

    Age is of no concern for individuals of other faiths—family-safe content.

8) No dress code or bodily marks are required.

9) No need to wear or show any identity of any sort.

10) No rituals, No groups, or special place of prayer or assembly. Absolute Freedom.

      Be Free. Live Free

Q: What is education through Intuition?
Intuition is the only way to understand life and acquire helpful
knowledge which doesn't stale over time. Any knowledge
gathered through your intelligence will stale in a few days.

Q: Why are there different opinions on Hinduism?
Hinduism cannot be defined or analysed through intelligence. It
is only through Devotion or Intuition that you can understand

Q: Ask yourself these questions


1. Do you know the way how to unite humanity?

2. What methods will you use?

3. Why has every attempt by Western ideology failed to unite humanity?

4. Did you know a faith that doesn’t have a name?

5. Did you know of a faith without religious conversion laws?

6. Do you know a faith where there are no divorce laws?

7. Do you know a faith that does not preach with a fear of Hell or a false in and paradise?

 8. Do you know a faith that treats women with the highest worshipful respect?

 9. Do you know a faith that respects all religions equally?

10. Do you know a faith that ever-waged wars to conquer or grab land?

11. Do you know a faith that allows you the freedom to think and make choices in your life?

12. Do you know a faith that does not have a founder?

13. Do you know a faith where customs and traditions have natural scientific sync?

14. Do you know of a country plundered the most people were enslaved and their culture destroyed? What has prevented it from being annihilated over the centuries? Yet survives and stands towering today.

15. Foreign invaders coined the word Hindu for the sake of identity.

16. Can you list what Hindustan gave to the world and was never recognised?

17. Do you know why Hinduism can never be destroyed?

18. Do you know how Temples were built and their purpose? No two Temples are alike.

19. Only in Hindustan do you see countless Sages taking an avatar to protect the Dharma of God.

20. Only in India have the avatars of Gods and Goddesses come to rescue humanity when Dharma was in peril.

Do you know that in the "Bhagavat Gita", God spoke and, in his own words, gave Sanathana Dharma, the eternal law for Humanity to follow and find lasting peace? Other faiths have intermediaries, and no one knows what the original message said.

21. Did you know that you cannot understand Hinduism with your Intellect? Only with Bakthi or sincere faith can you see the ocean of its limitless wonder.

Is there a faith everyone can follow without a religious tag?

How can one unite humanity as one global society without disturbing anyone’s religion, custom and place they chose to be?

Which is the faith most suitable, flexible enough to adapt to social changes, and offers the freedom to choose from many spiritual paths.

Is there any religious faith with no Name?

Is there a Great Master with No Name? Who can be approached freely? Who does not come from any royal lineage or a created one? Universally acceptable for his simple, practical teaching?

The list of all the goodness, sciences, arts, literature, ecology, medicine, agriculture, metallurgy, mathematics, astronomy, yoga etc. And there is no subject Hinduism has not touched.

 A complete list of necessary laws to build a perfect Society, Nation, and World.

A faith that by nature is Secular. Accepts all religions with due respect.

An abundance of goodness for everyone, either Spiritual or Material.

Never advocates violence in any form. Only to defend itself from hostile invasions.

A faith with no Divorce laws.

A faith with no Conversion laws.

“A faith with customs and traditions validated by Sages of immense comprehending powers, beyond petty human intelligence.

A diverse set of Laws applicable to an Individuals profession or Status. An example, from a King to Kitchen, all are governed by different laws to ensure the smooth functioning of society and a nation.

A faith where all Women and girls are treated with respect on par with the Goddess of wealth.

 A faith that never usurped or went on a rampage, conquering Kingdoms for gain and glory.

 A faith that modifies itself to the comprehending power of Humanity over Time.

 A faith that reveals to you the “Father in Heaven.”

 A faith that gives one freedom to Question even God?

 A faith not only shows you the seat of God. But the paths available for you to meet and merge with him.

There are many, many more, but we let you discover them for yourself.


The in-depth knowledge of the questions and answers is taught in our class, with many examples supported by facts you may have forgotten or were hidden from you.

Parents of Millennials and Millennials themselves must avail this golden opportunity to help restore our Golden Heritage. Every tiny pebble is welcome, like the Squirrels who rolled on the sand and shook them off while Sri Rama was building a bridge to Sri Lanka. Let us, in our capacity, help Bharath Matha win the battle against all Demonic personas trying to destroy Hinduism.

Q: Why do we charge a fee for our lessons?

 Yes, we do, and the same is returned to you with interest with karmic coins. 

Read more in our PDF below.


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