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About Us  | A True Story 


A true story of why I am here Teaching. The sequence of events that happened and are at work right now. I cannot comprehend, but I'm enjoying this work. Whoever entrusted me to this task shall collect all the rewards. I want to be M.T.[ Empty ] Others can abbreviate this as Managing Trustee also.

Why does my grandfather's Vision, known during his time as "Father of Education" and "Thanga Durai" in Tamil, mean Golden Hands? He lived a frugal life, although amidst an abundance of wealth. Someday I will write about his fascinating life.

A few months ago, this souvenir came by email from a cousin in India, saying he's trying to trace our ancestral roots and found a copy of this. I promptly without reading it. I parked it among my collection of eBooks and forgot about it.

It happened in Jan 2020, and I was rushed into the hospital for a ruptured appendix. And I was supposed to return to work in 15 days. Then was extended indefinitely as doctors could not identify my acute pain in the Scan or X-ray. By coincidence, an ad landed in my mail about a renowned site to sell courses and was ideal for anyone who wanted to reach students the World over. Another piece fell in place. The actual "Vision "was when I casually opened the souvenir my grandfather penned in 1949 on Feb 9th. This is no coincidence, but those lines hit me. Hard I understood these lines are to be my Mission hereafter.

A bold vision of my grandfather, Late K.C.A.D. Chidambara Nadar his visionary words we found penned in the Girls School souvenir in the first issue. The Girls School he co-founded in a small dynamic town, Sattur. India. His Vision goes beyond Nationalism; did he have a prophetic Vision? Here is an excerpt of his note in 1949 in the souvenir.



 "Our aspirations are to instil in them a wider broader outlook in life, a sense of inter-nationalism, transcending all narrow localism, provincialism or even nationalism as the only hope of the World lies in the creation of a World Community, a world Government and a World State of World Citizenship".  


That is his vision for the world. When every Country wanted to be a leader, my Grandfather saw beyond petty ideals. It went beyond his country and embraced the world. Among his many Grandsons, why I am picked to accomplish the gigantic task of realising his Vision materialised is a choice a superior force has made. How and why the Idea of teaching was revealed to me? With coffers empty and nursing a post-surgery that refuses to get better. Where do I find Universally applicable content? Then, I remembered the notes I used to scribble, listening to podcasts as a Linehaul Truck Driver. A realisation unfolded over the scribbled notes; this is no coincidence. The messages I wrote and the interpretations I understood from the Grand Epics and Puranas are enough to embark on this noble venture. Not as a commercially successful venture, but with a Mind 100% dedicated to "Service" of Uniting Humanity.




Facts About Hinduism Never Revealed To You. 

A faith with no Name | A nameless Sage


1) Is there a Faith everyone can follow without a religious tag? Faith with no name. An eternal law of humanity.

2) How can one unite humanity as one global society without disturbing anyone’s religion, custom and place they chose to be? Is there such a faith?

3) Which is the Faith most suitable, flexible enough to adapt to social changes, and offers the freedom to choose from many spiritual paths.

4) Is there any religious Faith with no Name? An eternal law which is applicable in every generation of time.

5) Is there a Great Master with No Name? Who can be approached freely? Who does not come from any royal lineage or created by blind faith? Universally acceptable for his simple teaching, which applies to us removing our doubts about life?


Checklist of endless attributes in Sanathana Dharma [Hinduism]


In Hinduism, [ Hinduism is a name used for identity only] all the goodness, sciences, arts, literature, ecology, medicine, agriculture, mathematics, and yoga. The list goes on and is quite exhaustive.

 A complete list of specific laws to build a perfect Society, Nation, and the World.

A Faith that, by nature, is Secular. Accepts all Faiths with due respect.

An abundance of goodness for everyone, either Spiritual or Material.

Never advocates violence in any form. Only to defend itself from hostile invasions.

A Faith with no Divorce laws.

A Faith with no Conversion laws.

“A Faith with customs and traditions validated by Sages of immense comprehending powers, beyond the petty human intelligence. Those ancient customs are perfectly in sync with nature.

A diverse set of Laws applicable to an Individuals profession or Status for society to function smoothly. From the Kitchen to the King, all have laws to adhere to.

A Faith where Women are treated with respect on par with the Goddess of wealth, learning and bravery.

 A Faith that never usurped or went on a rampage conquering Kingdoms for gain and glory.

 A Faith that modifies itself to the comprehending power of Humanity over Time.

 A Faith the reveals to you the “Father in Heaven”. No other faith can ever claim this.

 A Faith that gives one freedom to Question even God if the quest is noble?

 A Faith not only shows you the seat of God. But the paths available for you to meet and merge with him. No faith can claim to show you the way within yourself. No Science can ever comprehend it.

There are many more, but we let you discover them for yourself.


What we Never do at our University

1)We never Preach. But to teach lessons of value uniting Humanity.

2)We never put down another's faith or ridicule their customs.

3)We never convert or claim superiority over other faiths.

4)We never encourage you to leave your faith, But insist on our students

To "Be where you are. As you are now". Meaning the faith and place you are right now.

5)We never instil fear of hell or promise joy of Heaven. Use this as a tool to destroy innocent Minds.


Enough said for now, as we move from Lesson to lesson. You will collect Gems, priceless when these gems as seeds are planted in your pristine Mind, free of all garbage. You will once experience the happiness that cannot be contained or expressed in words. Join our class without fear. With all the messages in our lessons, you can test and experience the result. 

Come to learn at our University and become the first chain of links for a United Humanity living in perfect Harmony in sync with nature.

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