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Are you collecting garbage?

No ! would be your rightful answer. What if I told you you are, but you don't realise it? It's the reality, and you are not alone. 96% of humanity is doing exacting this. Here you are not to blame but the education system you were introduced to from your days at your primary school. To understand the secret I'm about to reveal to you has been buried so deep that it is not possible for anyone to know there is something which you should have known but were deliberately denied the opportunity to seek and find it.

Ok, at this point, I'm not going to rewrite what I had already written, and for convenience, I made a video and a podcast. You can sign into our website Nadar Asia and find the Video Intelligence Vs Intuition or watch Just for millennials. Intelligence is your Garbage, which you have been collecting unsuspectingly over the years. Your lucky we're here to help clean out all the Garbage and make your mind fertile and pristine with Intuition. This is the foundation for the Golden Age will return to Earth.

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