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How To Use This Book The stories in this series are aimed at helping to lay an excellent moral foundation at a very early stage in a child’s life, thus helping parents to fulfil their sacred duty of moulding their child into a sparkling personality. We suggest that parents read the stories for themselves and spend some time reviewing the questions, puzzles and activities set out in the workbook. Then, think about the essence of the story and be prepared to answer your child’s questions. Make sure your child has absorbed the symbolic nature of the story. If your child is too young to read the story, make some time to read it aloud. Then take the child through the questions, puzzles and other activities. Even if the child is old enough to read and understand the story without help, it is advisable that you spend time together on the workbook part of it. Question the child to see if the ideas the the story symbolises have been grasped. Encourage the child to think of the answers himself. Even if your ward comes up with some weird answers, gently turn his attention to the essentials. Encourage the child to ask questions of his own. Answer these as patiently and lucidly as you can. If the child has doubts, clarify them. If you are unsure yourself, take the time to look up the scriptures and commentaries and find the correct answers. A questioning mind is thinking and understanding one. A child’s questions should never be ignored. Repeat the story whenever possible.

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