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Our free Introduction lesson on the foundation of Nadar Asia and its purpose. You will clearly know what you will benefit from our university. This is a True Story of how this university was created, and a higher power guided every word or structure through Intuition. Only our university has all the necessary knowledge to unite humanity and welcome the Golden Age. Access your free lesson and read through it with care. You will realise that not a word or sentence is made up of commercial mumbo jumbo. You will never find a curriculum like ours as yet again state that providence has made this university for a mission. That power will see its mission completed successfully. Enrol for the Essential Steps should you wish to experience Intuitive Education. Explore the universe within you. We will show you how. Picture: Sri Devi Parasakthi. The Empress of The World. [ Bharath Matha ] fights demonic personas in various disguises. On a parting note. Unless you complete Semester 1 and understand its content, will you be able to understand Hinduism and intuition in a new light? Every lesson thereon, you will have to use your Semester 1 learning as a fundamental tool to comprehend the Ocean of knowledge Hinduism offers. Register and free yourself. Professor: R.Vijayann

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